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Akita Rescue Information

Akitas are strong, beautiful, large dogs that have been registered with the American Kennel Club since 1972. Akitas can get very large - the females can weigh up to 100 pounds while the males may reach up to 125 pounds. There are many Akitas that are given up for adoption or sent to shelters.

There are many reasons why dogs and Akitas specifically may be sent to shelters. The main reason is their size. Many people who get an Akita when it is a puppy don't realize just how large the dog will grow. Akita need to be trained when they are puppies. Training needs to include socialization skills and training to keep them less aggressive. Akitas can be aggressive especially with other dogs or when it comes to their food.

Improper treatment as a puppy as well as failure to train them is a big factor in people giving them away. The aggressive behavior sometimes surfaces and that coupled with the large size make it difficult for people to feel they can control a large adult Akita. For these reasons many Akitas are given to shelters across the country.

Fortunately there are some Akita rescue organizations that help to address the problems with Akitas and match them to homes. The largest and most well known Akita rescue group is the Akita Rescue Society of America, Inc. (ARSA). The group has grown since it first was founded in 1976. Many people across the country have become involved in helping to rescue Akitas. The rescue effort takes money and the Akita Club of America's Rescue Committee often assists this effort. Together the organizations help to rescue many Akitas each year.

One of the goals of the Akita rescue effort is to train the public about Akitas before they get an Akita puppy. Many people choose an Akita puppy because it is adorable and don't know too much about the breed. Akitas are special dogs and with a loving and attentive family they can make an excellent pet. However, too often people are willing to give their Akita away at the first signs of trouble instead of making the effort to properly train them. Once the Akita is full grown it can be difficult to work with him because of his sheer size and strength.

If you are considering getting an Akita you may want to think about rescuing one from a shelter. There are many Akitas that are brought to shelters each year and only some are able to find new homes. Akitas from shelters require special care and extra effort but can be well worth it. If you want to rescue an Akita know that you need to make a commitment to helping the Akita by giving it training and socialization skills. Even adult dogs can learn. Akitas are very intelligent animals and are usually quick learners.

When choosing an Akita for rescue be prepared to ensure its health by taking it to the vet. Often Akitas have a thyroid problem that can cause it to behave more aggressively. This can be resolved with the proper diagnosis and thyroid medication.

If you are an Akita lover and want to start your own Akita rescue in your area you can get some guidance from the ARSA. There are Akita rescue chapters across the country that strive to educate the public about Akitas and to find homes for Akitas that have been abandoned. To find out more about Akita rescue and what you can do to help visit their website at Akita-Inu